Banana Almond Smoothie

by Jacqui

Smoothies don’t make the breakfast docket often around here. I guess it has more to do with an instinctive, totemic belief and less to do with preference: Mainly, that a cold breakfast is not a proper one, especially not on a weekday.

To me, eggs are the most perfect food, but they’re more of a treat these days and less of a given. We had eggs of all denominations as kids, and often. My dad either fried them over-easy or whisked and folded them into omelets. My Aunt K is an expert soft boiler, and her eggs had yolk that pooled over the crust and around the plate after the quick prick of a fork. Heaven. My grandma scrambled. So did my mom, and she’d somehow char bits of cheese in the process for a taste I’ve tried to capture since I was a teenager. I spent my college years hard boiling eggs to oblivion, turning the outer edge of the yolks that unappealing shade of greyish-green. Swamp Water Eggs on Toast! I should patent that.

I forget about smoothies, how easy they are to make, and how good I feel afterward. I’ve yet to find the perfect recipe, but I shall persist. Too often, a smoothie can taste like powdered Flintstone vitamins. Ice makes a smoothie cold and refreshing, but watery. I think a smoothie should be thin enough that you don’t need a straw to drink it – and what’s more irritating than a thick, blockheaded mass of fruit and ice that gets stuck midway up the straw, anyway? If you can remember to stick a few bananas in the freezer before bed, do it. I added almonds for protein, and they didn’t blend completely. That didn’t bother me, but you could blitz them separately if you want. Also! I froze the bananas with the peel on, and had quite the time trying to peel them this morning. Next time I’ll peel them first, then stick them in a plastic bag to freeze. This recipe made enough for one, with a little left at the bottom of the blender (which I tipped upside down to drink, double-handed, in front of an open window). Good morning.

Banana Almond Smoothie

2 small bananas, or 1 big one, frozen

½ cup milk

½ cup plain, unsweetened yogurt

2 tablespoons raw almonds, chopped

½ teaspoon honey

Blitz everything together and pour into a glass. While I encourage you to embrace the chance of a smoothie mustache, it is, by no means, required.