Cold-brewed Coffee

by Jacqui

I’ve been drinking cold-brewed iced coffee all week. I made the first batch last Sunday and a second batch late Friday night. Holy! New. World. Cold-brewed coffee is seductively dark and smells like chocolate. Sometimes I add a splash of milk and some cocoa powder. But it’s perfect black. Fresh, medium coarse grounds work best, but you can use any grounds you like. I got mine from a cafe down the block where the owner roasts his own beans, keeps a card catalog of repeat customers, and hangs local art on the wall. He also rides a mountain bike to work. I also have a crush on him, which could be part of the reason I’m going through so much coffee.

This recipe makes a strong concentrate and is meant to be diluted. I’ve been drinking it straight until this morning when I read the directions completely. I triple the measurements and keep the strained coffee in a jar in the fridge. It’ll last several days.

And! Save your used coffee grounds. They may be a bit of a pain in the ass, but they’re also super useful. Use them as a rub for meat, a skin exfoliant, a fertilizer. Some people say coffee grounds can even combat cellulite.

Cold-brewed Iced Coffee adapted from The New York Times

1 cup fresh coffee grounds

4 1/2 cups room temperature water

Stir together coffee and water in a jar. Cover and let sit overnight or for twelve hours. Strain with a very fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth. Store in the fridge for a week. To drink, mix with equal parts water over ice, or find a proportion that works best for you.